Why did I get Married Too?


I saw this movie, and enjoyed every moment of it. The cast was amazing, and Tyler Perrys’ work continues to get better and better.

Tasha Smith, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Tyler Perry and cast are amazing, the script was vibrant, alluring, funny as heck, while making you cry.

The movie was based on real life situations in marriage regarding love, trust and fidelity across all culture lines, although a black cast. The men were real, and the women were as real as the sisters I see and talk with every day. The script showed the ups and downs in marriage and how it can affect each person personally on different levels when you put your heart in it and decide to make that big step.

I like how the relationships in this movie showed the good in relationships as well as the bad. Truly people can and will show you so many levels of who they truly are when put in a situation. And this movie has shown those different levels of characters through divorce in Patricia and Gavin’s relationship when it comes to money and the lost of trust when cheated on in Angela and Marcus’ relationship.

Why did I get Married Too? was fun, compassionate, intense and a loving story about life when married. I enjoyed laughing and crying in the movie theater with the rest of the movie watchers. The end story was not something I would have predicted but continued to keep us on our toes in wondering what’s next? “TRILOGY!”

Tyler Perry has done it again, and I look forward to more of his work in the future.

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Health Care Reform Supporter, Why?


I appreciate congress and the house pushing forward this new health care reform bill because I believe it will reduce the country’s deficit and bring forth jobs in immense proportions in the health industry. The bill guarantees affordable health care for all Americans and allow Americans the ability to see doctors on a routine. This should decrease the number of Americans visiting emergency rooms due to them being able to see a doctor more regularly, and hopefully save the country billions on excessive use of medical expenditure.

The health care reform bill should also open the job market because of the great demand it will put on health services (i.e. doctors, nurses, equipment). Maybe it will reduce the deficit by trillions and bring America more closer to a surplus once again. The republicans are not supporting this measure because a measure like this can move the country forward in the right direction of change putting President Obama in a good light for America.

So grateful that President Barack Obama and the senate have carried out something different from the norm. The bottom line is; if you want to see something different you have to do something different and this is what this administration has proven to Americans through its actions.

“Crustaceans” …more like “Crusty Crab!”


We visited one of the An Family Restaurants last night “Crustaceans”. Crustaceans prides itself in the many celebrities which visits its restaurant. I just hope they get better service than what the common person gets.

For a beautiful location in Beverly Hills off Santa Monica Blvd, it has a soothing atmosphere with fish tank in the floor, gorgeous colorful Vietnamese culture with a twist of French colonialism. It was simply beautiful, and when you walked in, there was a feeling of welcome.

But it was a waste of our 1hr 15 minute drive and the $300+ we paid for the meal.

We had friends who were there 15 minutes before we came in  and they still were not served anything but water. The server never offered or recommended any appetizers. There was no bread brought to the table or offered. By the time we got there (addition to the party) we sat there another 10 to 15 minutes before anyone asked if they could help us.

The menu was full of delectable choices that simply melt in your mouth while reading the menu. However, whats written in the menu is not what you’ll truly getting or what you imagine you’re gonna get. The quality of service was poor and the portions were small, not worth the $$ they’re asking for.

I ordered from the appetizer list (what they call Asian Tapas) the “Crustacean Surf & Turf Roll – Grilled Steak, coconut prawn, shiitake mushrooms, avocado, cilantro, spicy aioli, garlic lime drizzle”. It wasn’t totally bad, but with the list you would think you’re getting a full plate that would feed at least two. NOT!

What you get is 5 small sushi rolls with all of those items mentioned inside. I was surprised, almost had them take it back because I wasn’t sure that it was what I ordered, but it was. The flavor wasnt’ too bad, the steak was chewy. I was amissed by the term “Surf & Turf”.

On to the next item 10 minutes later, we’re still awaiting the waiter to take our order and finally he comes to take our order, never recommending any thing to us nor giving us a list of specials.

Maybe it was our waiter.

We spoke to the manager (who was flirting with a friend since she got there) who was acting as if he could help us and would get us better service. We were feeling unfortunate for being there by this time. We asked if we could get some bread on the table and maybe some better service,  because we had driven so far and we were hungry. He was a bit apologetic and stated he would take care of us. After spending $30 in Asian Tapas, we were told that there was a larger platter that we should have gotten, but of course we were not told.

One of the items we ordered was the “Collossal Royal Tiger Prawns, charbroiled with An’s Famous Garlic Noodles”, we would swear those were ramen noodles.

I can go on further about the many disappointments we felt while sitting in Crustaceans, but I think and hope you got the picture.

Friends; present, old, new!…cont.


Things have changed from what I remember how me and my old friend connected. Things are real different, probably because I’m not sure if I want this person in my life again.

I feel if I were so disposable than why even bother with me today. I have a lot going on than what I did back when we were friends. Not that my old friend wants anything from me. Even though she stated that she wants to got to Hawaii and needs a spot to stop in as a pit-stop…I thought how rude.

I’m not bitter that she’s distant herself, but I do wonder about people who believe that its okay to do good friends like that. Maybe they were going through something at that time. But they need to understand that maybe, their friend (whom they dumped) is going through something at this time as well…they shouldnt believe that it’s so simple to just come back as if nothing ever happened…without some sort of explanation.


President Barack Hussein Obama


We are still standing by you. We understand that this economy was not something  you created and that you are willing and trying to do everything in your power to turn a corrupt system around.

Just know, we “the people” are in support of everything you do and trust that its all for the good of God and our country.

Stay strong for your family and our country.


Friends; present, old, new!


Hello everyone, I haven’t blogged on my site in quite a while. We have a new president, and the world is just changing.

Which brings me to my current topic; No matter how people come into your life whether its for a season, reason or a lifetime, they have truly come in your life to make a difference and to shed a light on something  you may not ever considered before meeting that person.

I have friends whose been in my life now for 6 years, some just returned from ages ago, something like 20 years. And some who stepped away for some reason or another but found there way back.

However, just know that if you’ve done nothing wrong to those people who have stepped away and so call, “cut you out of there lives”….just know they will come back just like a little puppy, because they’ve realized you’ve done nothing wrong, and you were nothing less than a blessing in disguise and they long for that old-time-connection the two of you once had. Of course because you obviously were truly a great friend.

I have a friend whose come back in to my life after 4 years of distancing me from herself and her family. We were once Ace-Boon-Koons, if you are a “back-n-da-day” type , you truly know what type of person that is….for you youngsters who don’t know…thats some one whom you share everything with, nothing is secret because she/he is that romantic platonic relationship that has a bond thats tighter than any sibling and even tighter than some lovers at times. Its that person you cry to when things are down, she/he knows you better than anyone.

Well, that’s what I missed from my old time friend/puppy, I missed everything we shared. And I’m so glad to have her back in my life.

We got a lot of catching up to do…so, I will keep my readers informed.

Have a blessed day…I have.