“Talk to Me,” Petey Greene


If you have not seen this movie yet, I am sad for you. This exhilarating, energetic, passionate, camaraderie between 3 people who have befriended each other through a radio gig and lived a life of ups and downs. I highly recommend this movie “just for laughs.” It was that incredible.

Such a great plot and movie with Don Cheadle & Taraji P. Henson, and Chiwetel Ejiofor

don-cheadle.jpg taraji-p-henson.jpgchiwetel-ejiofor.jpg

The energy in the movie had you begging silently for more and the addictive comedy was a treat. I give this move 2-thumbs-up for its intense and magnetic approach which had the audience shrilling in uncontrollable emotion.

See the trailer: “Talk to Me”

Go See it!


Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?”


Awesome!!…there are no other words to describe it. I have to own this DVD. It was funny, scary, sentimental, forthright…it had all of the qualities you would love to see in a drama.

The wonderful and talented crew included some of the most affluent African American /Black cast ever, with Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Malik Yoba, Jill Scott, Michael Jai White, Sharon Leal, Denise Boutte, Lamman Rucker, Tasha Smith, and Richard T. Jones


Tyler Perry’s movie “Why did I get married?,” depicts how African American interact with one another in many forms, fashions and levels of personalities and consciencenous… and who knows more about African Americans than African Americans.

I love the way he showed the many characters and personalities that conjoin a race, and a people and the many issues we all go through with a pun of laughter.

The movie was so great it was hard for most of the movie watchers to stay quiet and remain in their seats. Yes, it was that great.

The many diverse cultures of Rowland Heights, CA were almost out of their seats from beginning to the end and the many ooooss, aaahhhs and laughs from the movie goers showed that the movie goers were actually engaged in the movie…I don’t see a lot of that when I go see other movies as so with “Talk to me” with Don Cheadle.

Great movie…GO SEE IT!