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Hi my name is Ruth, I am the writer, editor and designer of “Rawtalk”. It is in my intention to bring forth intelligent, controversial and thought-provoking conversation to a segment that is diverse and open-minded to new ways of thinking, ideologies and ideas.

I started blogging in 2007 while working with a website business, after seeing the many blogs online, I got ideas of putting my own thoughts in writing. And when I hear or read some of the stuff that’s put out, I felt I needed to put my thoughts out as well. Why Not! Bill O’Reeaaally (O’Reilly) does it! There are many forums, blogs and other media that’s put out because many of us average individuals do not have an outlet to speak through such as a Glen Beck or Keith Oberman, and this sometimes can be frustrating because when I see the polls and here these journalist say “the people” I sometimes wonder what people are they speaking of because no one has ever asked my opinion, therefore certainly these people are not speaking of me…and probably not you either. So, I thought it would be a good idea to give us common folk a lil-mo space on the net :).

Therefore, my reasons for creating a blog is to provide people like you and I who enjoy interesting, intellectual and two-way conversation an avenue to share those thoughts.

I hope you find “Rawtalk” to be as interesting and exciting as I do. I like that I can voice my opinion on education, politics, healthcare reform and other interesting topics. Just so everyone is aware, my title name was well in place before Anderson Cooper ever thought of using “RAW” as a segment. It’s the initials of my name, therefore no one can ever say that I stole my title.

So, feel free to share my space with a mutual understanding that we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

I hope you enjoy my topics!

Oh! …I can also not approve your comment if I don’t agree….LOL!! Now, that’s the power of having your own blog.



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