Do Overs! Start A New Beginning Today!


the best is yet to come

Another year has passed. What have you accomplished? Have you resolved every challenge you set out to on January 1st, 2014? Have you lost the weight you promised yourself? Have you taken that course you always wanted to? Are you tired of making resolutions that you don’t complete by the end of the year.

No worries, another day another week and another year is here. So, what better time than now to get out those resolutions and “do it over.” Don’t beat yourself up for not doing all of those things you planned, be thankful that you made it thru the year. Be grateful that you are able to set new plans in place and if they are not all completed believe, because you Spoke them, they are still resolving subconsciously in your mind. And be thankful that you have another chance to start again.

I know how tough it is to make a plan for yourself then turn around and realize that maybe it was too big of a menu or maybe you just didn’t have it in you to do it at that moment in time. Or, just maybe…everything you acquired over the past year in essence brought you to a point in your life that everything was a lesson so you can act on those plans more effectively today.

The beautiful thing about life and its lessons it has to offer is, we learn something new and are able to “do it over.” Never to worry about what you promised yourself you would do because you have another chance to do it over. And dont worry about what anyone else thinks or how they perceive how your life should be.

Do Overs! Aren’t you Happy that whatever life brings to you you have a chance to learn from it and “do it over.”


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