Why did I get Married Too?


I saw this movie, and enjoyed every moment of it. The cast was amazing, and Tyler Perrys’ work continues to get better and better.

Tasha Smith, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Tyler Perry and cast are amazing, the script was vibrant, alluring, funny as heck, while making you cry.

The movie was based on real life situations in marriage regarding love, trust and fidelity across all culture lines, although a black cast. The men were real, and the women were as real as the sisters I see and talk with every day. The script showed the ups and downs in marriage and how it can affect each person personally on different levels when you put your heart in it and decide to make that big step.

I like how the relationships in this movie showed the good in relationships as well as the bad. Truly people can and will show you so many levels of who they truly are when put in a situation. And this movie has shown those different levels of characters through divorce in Patricia and Gavin’s relationship when it comes to money and the lost of trust when cheated on in Angela and Marcus’ relationship.

Why did I get Married Too? was fun, compassionate, intense and a loving story about life when married. I enjoyed laughing and crying in the movie theater with the rest of the movie watchers. The end story was not something I would have predicted but continued to keep us on our toes in wondering what’s next? “TRILOGY!”

Tyler Perry has done it again, and I look forward to more of his work in the future.

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