Health Care Reform Supporter, Why?


I appreciate congress and the house pushing forward this new health care reform bill because I believe it will reduce the country’s deficit and bring forth jobs in immense proportions in the health industry. The bill guarantees affordable health care for all Americans and allow Americans the ability to see doctors on a routine. This should decrease the number of Americans visiting emergency rooms due to them being able to see a doctor more regularly, and hopefully save the country billions on excessive use of medical expenditure.

The health care reform bill should also open the job market because of the great demand it will put on health services (i.e. doctors, nurses, equipment). Maybe it will reduce the deficit by trillions and bring America more closer to a surplus once again. The republicans are not supporting this measure because a measure like this can move the country forward in the right direction of change putting President Obama in a good light for America.

So grateful that President Barack Obama and the senate have carried out something different from the norm. The bottom line is; if you want to see something different you have to do something different and this is what this administration has proven to Americans through its actions.


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