“Crustaceans” …more like “Crusty Crab!”


We visited one of the An Family Restaurants last night “Crustaceans”. Crustaceans prides itself in the many celebrities which visits its restaurant. I just hope they get better service than what the common person gets.

For a beautiful location in Beverly Hills off Santa Monica Blvd, it has a soothing atmosphere with fish tank in the floor, gorgeous colorful Vietnamese culture with a twist of French colonialism. It was simply beautiful, and when you walked in, there was a feeling of welcome.

But it was a waste of our 1hr 15 minute drive and the $300+ we paid for the meal.

We had friends who were there 15 minutes before we came in  and they still were not served anything but water. The server never offered or recommended any appetizers. There was no bread brought to the table or offered. By the time we got there (addition to the party) we sat there another 10 to 15 minutes before anyone asked if they could help us.

The menu was full of delectable choices that simply melt in your mouth while reading the menu. However, whats written in the menu is not what you’ll truly getting or what you imagine you’re gonna get. The quality of service was poor and the portions were small, not worth the $$ they’re asking for.

I ordered from the appetizer list (what they call Asian Tapas) the “Crustacean Surf & Turf Roll – Grilled Steak, coconut prawn, shiitake mushrooms, avocado, cilantro, spicy aioli, garlic lime drizzle”. It wasn’t totally bad, but with the list you would think you’re getting a full plate that would feed at least two. NOT!

What you get is 5 small sushi rolls with all of those items mentioned inside. I was surprised, almost had them take it back because I wasn’t sure that it was what I ordered, but it was. The flavor wasnt’ too bad, the steak was chewy. I was amissed by the term “Surf & Turf”.

On to the next item 10 minutes later, we’re still awaiting the waiter to take our order and finally he comes to take our order, never recommending any thing to us nor giving us a list of specials.

Maybe it was our waiter.

We spoke to the manager (who was flirting with a friend since she got there) who was acting as if he could help us and would get us better service. We were feeling unfortunate for being there by this time. We asked if we could get some bread on the table and maybe some better service,  because we had driven so far and we were hungry. He was a bit apologetic and stated he would take care of us. After spending $30 in Asian Tapas, we were told that there was a larger platter that we should have gotten, but of course we were not told.

One of the items we ordered was the “Collossal Royal Tiger Prawns, charbroiled with An’s Famous Garlic Noodles”, we would swear those were ramen noodles.

I can go on further about the many disappointments we felt while sitting in Crustaceans, but I think and hope you got the picture.


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