Friends; present, old, new!…cont.


Things have changed from what I remember how me and my old friend connected. Things are real different, probably because I’m not sure if I want this person in my life again.

I feel if I were so disposable than why even bother with me today. I have a lot going on than what I did back when we were friends. Not that my old friend wants anything from me. Even though she stated that she wants to got to Hawaii and needs a spot to stop in as a pit-stop…I thought how rude.

I’m not bitter that she’s distant herself, but I do wonder about people who believe that its okay to do good friends like that. Maybe they were going through something at that time. But they need to understand that maybe, their friend (whom they dumped) is going through something at this time as well…they shouldnt believe that it’s so simple to just come back as if nothing ever happened…without some sort of explanation.



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