Friends; present, old, new!


Hello everyone, I haven’t blogged on my site in quite a while. We have a new president, and the world is just changing.

Which brings me to my current topic; No matter how people come into your life whether its for a season, reason or a lifetime, they have truly come in your life to make a difference and to shed a light on something  you may not ever considered before meeting that person.

I have friends whose been in my life now for 6 years, some just returned from ages ago, something like 20 years. And some who stepped away for some reason or another but found there way back.

However, just know that if you’ve done nothing wrong to those people who have stepped away and so call, “cut you out of there lives”….just know they will come back just like a little puppy, because they’ve realized you’ve done nothing wrong, and you were nothing less than a blessing in disguise and they long for that old-time-connection the two of you once had. Of course because you obviously were truly a great friend.

I have a friend whose come back in to my life after 4 years of distancing me from herself and her family. We were once Ace-Boon-Koons, if you are a “back-n-da-day” type , you truly know what type of person that is….for you youngsters who don’t know…thats some one whom you share everything with, nothing is secret because she/he is that romantic platonic relationship that has a bond thats tighter than any sibling and even tighter than some lovers at times. Its that person you cry to when things are down, she/he knows you better than anyone.

Well, that’s what I missed from my old time friend/puppy, I missed everything we shared. And I’m so glad to have her back in my life.

We got a lot of catching up to do…so, I will keep my readers informed.

Have a blessed day…I have.


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