Superdelegates Urged to Switch to Obama!


Hillary Clinton concedes but is not giving up delegates? What type of concoction is she creating now?

Okay…I can understand that she may want to stay in the race to get back a lot of the money which she lost and replace the moneys which she pulled from her own savings accounts to fund her campaign.

…but whose fault was that?

Hillary Clinton was warned that she would not win after February, why would she continue to fight a losing battle

…does this [not] sound like someone we know (Bush Jr.: not stopping the war because of his “irrational decision” making…and too arrogant to admit that it was wrong to start the war in the beginning).

Sounds too familiar, I thank God that Barack Obama is our nominee .

America urges every delegate to switch from Hillary Clinton’s ticket to Barack Obama’s ticket to show America that the democratic campaign is not about one person that its about a number of committed Americas who does not want to see another Bush administration go on for not one more year. 

By doing so, this will help mend the division in the democratic party. By hanging on to the delegates, Hillary Clinton and the Delegates only makes us (democrats) look more like the selfish, and unwilling to compromise conservatives.

America is urging Hillary Clinton to please concede and pool all of her delegates to one candidat (the winning candidate) as well as voters together for a more united front that we may be stronger come November 3rd.


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