Hillary Clinton not conceding…cause havoc amongst democrats.


Why wont Hillary Clinton concede and give Barack Obama the proper respect which he deserves? She’s continuing to show America that she really is a sore looser and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.  She has stated a many of times that she would rally behind the democrats once there has been an elected nominee…well…here we are…what is the problem?

Hillary Clinton is disrespectful not only to Barack Obama but to the rest of the democratic party as well. She is showing America not only is she not respectful to the rules applied in this campaign, but she also has an agenda and she’s not willing to call it quits to allow the democratic party to unite.

Hillary Clinton’s not conceding continues to divide the democratic party and does nothing to help the democrats clinch the nomination come November 3rd.

If Hillary is pressing-on and trying to force Barack in adding her to the ticket for the position of VP…it only makes her look bad and continues to confirm to America that she is not ready for any position of unity.

The democratic party needs to start healing from the mess which Hillary Clinton has put us through during the past 5 months. Many reporters has shown the numbers and proved that she would not win even if she took majority of the delegates and votes…this has been a long and drawn out fiasco…I wish Hillary would put it to rest and think of more than herself or becoming the “first female” to do anything. She has made a name for herself in her husband’s administration.

We just ask that she bell out gracefully that we (democrats) can heal, unite and ensure that there will not be another Bush administration in our white house.


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