Blogging Gives Me A Chance To Vent. My Pet Peeves…


I was sitting here thinking of what I could type about and was recognizing the blogs which I’ve typed thus far…I like blogging.

A lot of times I get pissed by what I think is silly nonsense…like the media, Bush (president), and some of what people say on live radio and TV. I get so pissed at times and wish that I could tell that person or forum how I feel.

I would call into the radio station but I get so passionate behind my beliefs at times that I would be too upset to talk, so I manage my emotions by moving on and recognizing that I can’t control what people think.

However, I can give my opinion…that’s why I like blogging.

I want to talk about a couple of my pet peeves. Here are two issues I feel passionate about and wish I could change today.

1. George W. Bush…why is he so stuck on stupid. He knew there were no WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction) over in Iraq, yet he bamboozled Hilary, Kerry, Edwards and the rest of those senators (except Obama) to sign for a war which was nothing more than a favor to his daddy for a personal vendetta which George Sr. had against Saddam Hussein. The United States and it’s troops doesn’t have anything to do with this…yet they’re over there separated from their families and dying by the thousands in a senseless war.

2. Parents who do not care enough:

Parents who send their children out into the world with out the proper survival skills…as a result, that kid is angry. So angry that he/she is on the edge of destruction which is why we have so many murders, insanity and shootings in the world and in our schools.

Parents this is a real problem and you have to learn to relate to your children before you send them out into the world. It’s not fair that innocent children, teachers and people lose their lives because your child did not get enough hugs or encouraging words when they were young.

When a parent gets pregnant unfortunately, she and he (there are two parents, most of the time) have a choice, but once you make that choice to bring that child in this world you have18 years to …GET IT RIGHT!

Eighteen years, you may think this is a long time, but it is nothing more than a drop in a bucket compared to the lifetime you may have on this earth. So when you get that opportunity to bring such a precious gift in this world, seize the moment…make that 18 years the best 18 years you will ever have.

Children don’t ask to come into this world and neither did you. Yet you have another chance to get it right. Give your child the opportunity which you may not have had as a child this is your opportunity to live again…through your child. 🙂

It’s not enough to say, “well I didn’t get hugs and kisses”…did you want hugs and kisses, do you feel that that would have made a difference in your life. If so, than give that to your child, your child is nothing more than a little extension of yourself, why wouldn’t you want to give yourself a second chance.

Please parents, do the right things for you children…and if you don’t know what those things are….here is something I got from my child’s school by Positive Promotions:

10 Great Parenting Tips;

  1. Be a good role model by Being a positive influence for you child.
  2. Be respectful of your child’s feelings, thoughts, and suggestions.
  3. Make your child feel loved with lots of hugs, kisses and words of praise.
  4. Stick to your word and if you must break it, apologize and make it up to your child.
  5. Encourage creativity by asking questions to stimulate curiosity and imagination.
  6. Build your child’s self-esteem by showing appreciation for all genuine efforts.
  7. Stay attentive to your child. Know what’s going on in your child’s life, both at school and with friends.
  8. Discipline your child fairly, firmly, and with love. Focus on the behavior, not the child.
  9. Establish family traditions by scheduling fun things to do together (i.e. monopoly, puzzles, dominoes).
  10. Set high standards. By expecting the best you empower yourself and your child to solve problems and achieve goals.

Remember –

Being a great parent takes time, effort, and the ability to lighten up!

Please, do not raise anymore George Bush’s.


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