Arrested before his debut at the Hip-Hop awards…how dumb was that?



I like T.I., he has made the mistake many of our young black men make when they want to take the law into there own hands because they are unsure of what is right or wrong. I’m sure he had his own “logical” reasons for “needing” or wanting a weapon of such magnitude. Do you think he’s learned his lesson….maybe not.

I would like to know from the brothers out their…why is it so hard to stay out of trouble? T.I. has everything the average American would die for, and he throws it away for what? Was he scared in that big house he acquired through his very talented rapping style, or was it that he needed that weapon to protect himself from someone who might jack him while driving in his expensive rides. Amazing!

These are just things my people! They aren’t worth going to jail and losing your freedom for. Why can’t we stay on the narrow and work hard or be creative like most Americans to survive in this world.

Now what? 😦

I have an Idea; why don’t we think about the consequences of our actions before we make such drastic decisions. Maybe we should call our moms and ask them for guidance because we really haven’t learned much before we moved out. Maybe it takes a few prison terms to get the message…I STILL DON’T GET IT!

I guess my next post should be to the parents who has failed our young men when they sent them out of their homes without the proper tools to survive in the real world.


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