Whoopi & Sherry Shephard co-Host on “The View”….Monumental!!



Monumental! …Two (2) AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE…not 1 but 2 black female co-hosting The ViewSherry Shephard and Whoopi Goldberg. To have not one (1) but two (2) African-American female co-host on ABC at one time…IS ENORMOUS!…and deserves supporting from black radio and media (ie. Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey).

For many years African-American women have fault and struggled to get in positions where they can be heard and seen as intelligent individuals not just strong. I just hope that both Whoopi Goldberg and Sherry Shephard continue to prove that African-American women are steady, intelligent and poised, more than the mere negative stereotypes which has haunted our culture for so many years.


One thought on “Whoopi & Sherry Shephard co-Host on “The View”….Monumental!!

  1. I am an African American female senior citizen who is so inspired to see two African American women serve as co-host on the View. I am a full-time employee and unable to watch the View as much as I desire. However, whenever I’m home, I watch it religiously. I also like the boldness as well as intelligence of these women when they respond to or initiate views. They are also showing the viewers that they can agree to disagree and keep on smiling. This is wonderful. Also, to see this is a mark in African American History. Sherry and Whoopi keep on keeping on. Your African American audience is watching and hoping the best for you.

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