R. Kelly, 8 out of 9 charges…is this enough?


I saw the video of R. Kelly and the 14 year old…I was sick behind it, because it was tough taking-in the fact that a grown as man would take advantage of an innocent child like that. Just as Chester “Chet” Arthur Stiles 37, performed the most horrific (as stated by police) and pervertive acts in the case where the police received a video tape of Chester “Chet” Arthur Stiles raping a 3 year old.

R. Kelly


As adults we have a responsibility to protect the children we are surrounded by, not take their innocents and ruin their lives for your own personal and selfish satisfactions.

Surprisingly…or maybe not…I was in the barber & salon speaking on this case, and one male adult made a statement that, “the 14 year old was doing things which made her appear as if she was 27, and there was money exchanged.” Which assumably makes this act…right.

I beg the differ, we should not negate our responsibilities as adults and take advantage of the ill, old, young, and innocent.

I hope that all of these pedophiles are charged to the maximum of the law on such acts that they rehabilitate and learn from there acts.

I believe this is a learned behavior and maybe this happened to these guys, but it does not make it right. Adults should learn from their past, and not repeat it. These young people have some healing to do and I hope and pray that they get the necessary healing required to bounce back from such robbery of innocence.

Do you think rapist ought to be castrated for there acts?

Do you think that if castration was a punishment rapist would think twice about raping?


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